Restaurant on the water

Looking for a restaurant for breakfast on the water? Here are some recommendations! You’ll love the views from a waterside dining spot. Claudia’s Bistro offers authentic French fare, including pastries and butter croissants. Claudia’s expert tip? Order one of the French traditions, like chocolate Grand Marnier or Frasier with Ganache. Breakfast at this beachfront eatery … Read moreRestaurant on the water

Restaurants in Canada

If you’re considering traveling to Canada, you’ll want to sample some of its fine dining. Canada is home to an impressive array of international cuisine, from hearty comfort foods to chef-driven artisanal cooking. From hip, trendy restaurants to family-friendly establishments, you’re sure to find a restaurant that suits your palate. Here are the top picks: … Read moreRestaurants in Canada

Seafood in the restaurant

Increasing numbers of restaurant patrons are choosing seafood over traditional meats, such as beef. This is due in part to the increasing popularity of seafood, which is deemed to be healthy, tasty, and convenient. However, a growing number of environmental concerns have prompted many foodservice establishments to focus on farm-raised alternatives, which are more sustainable … Read moreSeafood in the restaurant